Carrier Integrations

ShipStation connects with a variety of carriers to suit your shipping needs. The list of carriers continues to grow to accommodate the ever growing needs of ecommerce.

Below is a list of our current carrier and postage provider integrations available within ShipStation.

Carrier Integrations Are Specific to Account Home Country

Some carriers are available in all countries ShipStation operates in and some carriers are country-specific.

ShipStation has country-specific help centers for each country we operate in. This means, if you are on a help center that is not your country's help center, you may not find an article about a carrier you wish to use. To change to your country's help center, click the flag switcher in the page header, and select your country from the list.

Country flag icon in Help Center with drop-down menu of different country options.

You can also see a list of providers available in other countries in the sections below.

Carriers Available in Other Countries

Click the name of the provider in the country you wish to view and you'll be directed to that article on the corresponding country's help center.