Devices Disappearing from ShipStation Connect (Windows)

Steps to try if you are printing from a Windows workstation and your devices intermittently disappear from the ShipStation Connect Settings screen.

Follow the steps in this troubleshooting guide when one or more of your printers and/or scales intermittently appear and disappear in your ShipStation Connect Settings screen. The most common cause is that the USB ports the devices are connected to are going to sleep.

You can resolve this by changing the USB port's energy saving mode.

Using a USB Hub?

Is the printer or scale you are troubleshooting connected through a USB hub? If so, please disconnect the device from the hub and plug it directly into the computer's USB port. This will help to ensure the troubleshooting steps are successful by eliminating one possible cause (the USB hub) of the issue.

1. Verify ShipStation Connect is Running

First, make sure that ShipStation is running on the workstation the printer or scale is connected to.

In Windows

Install ShipStation Connect only on your printer workstations.

ShipStation Connect only needs to be installed on the workstation the printers are physically connected to. If you are printing from a remote workstation to the printer workstation, make sure the ShipStation Connect admin has shared the printers so other users can access them through ShipStation.

  1. Click the Show hidden icons arrow in the system tray to display all running application icons.

    The show hidden icons arrow is highlighted in the desktop toolbar.
  2. Ensure that ShipStation Connect is running by locating the ShipStation Connect icon.

    ShipStation Connect icon highlighted in Windows apps toolbar menu.
ShipStation Connect is not running. How do I start it?

To launch ShipStation Connect:

  1. Type ShipStation Connect into the Windows Type here to search field. Then, press Enter or click on the ShipStation Connect app.

    ShipStation Connect application located from Windows desktop search bar. Click from results list to launch.
  2. Enter the ShipStation Username and ShipStation Password used for ShipStation Connect. Then, click Login.

    If you are not prompted to login, Connect may already be running and logged in. Check the system tray for the ShipStation Connect icon.

    ShipStation Connect login screen is shown with the Username and password fields highlighted.
  3. Close the ShipStation Connect window.

    Connect will still be running after you close it.

    ShipStation Connect is open with the X to close the application highlighted.

Change Windows Energy Saving Mode

  1. Enter Power & Sleep Settings into the Windows Type here to search field. Then, press Enter or click on Power & Sleep Settings.

    Windows Power & Sleep settings accessed from desktop toolbar search.
  2. Click the Additional power settings link.

    "Additional power settings" link highlighted on Windows Power & Sleep settings page.
  3. Click Change plan settings under Choose or customise a power plan.

    Windows Power Options settings open to "Choose or customize a power plan" screen. "Change plan settings" link highlighted.
  4. Click Change advanced power settings on the Plan Settings screen.

    Windows Power Options settings open to Change Settings for Plan screen. "Change advanced power settings" link highlighted.
  5. Expand USB Settings, then expand USB selective suspend setting in the Power Options pop-up.

    Windows Power Options Advanced Settings open with USB Select Suspend Setting On Battery set to Disabled.
  6. Set both On battery and Plugged in to Disabled.

  7. Click Apply to save your changes.