How can I ensure variant item options appear on emails and packing slips?

Explains how to add item options imported from a selling channel in your email notifications and packing slips.

You may offer different variations of your product that your customers will choose from when placing an order. Some marketplaces, like Etsy, also allow for item options to include customization details.

Example #1: You sell t-shirts. Each unique graphic design is listed as a unique SKU in your selling channel and when customers add the item to their cart they must select a size and a base color. The size and color would be considered item options.


Example #2: You sell trophies. Each unique trophy design is listed as a unique SKU in your selling channel and when customers add the item to their cart they must choose if they want add an inscription. If they do, they must fill out a form with the desired text. The selection of whether or not the inscription is desired, as well as the inscription text, would be considered item options.


These item options can be important to consider when you're preparing and packing your orders, as well as when you notify customers of their shipments. Review the information below to ensure that the item options selected by the customer are visible on documents and emails.

Packing Slip Templates

ShipStation's default packing slip template will automatically include item options below the product's name.


If you're creating a customized packing slip, you can make sure the item options will appear by including the [Item Options] field replacement in the Order Items section.

Item Options field replacement highlighted in the Order Items template section

Want to display item options as a list?

By default, item options will appear as a single paragraph, but you can use the alternate field replacement [Item Options Without Replacement] to display them as a list instead.

Email Templates

Item options are not displayed in ShipStation's default email templates. To display item options in emails sent to customers you'll need to customize the email template.

To add in the item options, add SHOWOPTIONS to the [Item List] field replacement.

Item List SHOWOPTIONS field replacement highlighted in the email template

The item options will appear in the email under the product's name.