Can I ship C.O.D. with ShipStation?

Explains how C.O.D. works in ShipStation for those carrier services that support this option.

Yes, you can ship domestic shipments with C.O.D. with ShipStation if your selected carrier supports that option! C.O.D. stands for Collect Payment on Delivery. It allows for payment of a shipment to be acquired upon delivery by the carrier. If the payment is not made when delivery is attempted, the parcel will be returned to the sender.

This option is available in ShipStation if you have selected a carrier and service that supports it. Currently, C.O.D. is supported by:

When choosing the C.O.D. option, an additional inbound label is created for you to include with the outbound shipment. This is so the carrier can send you the customer's payment.

Cash on Delivery Label Sample

The option to add C.O.D. to a shipment is available in the Other Shipping Options panel of the Configure Shipment Widget.

If the C.O.D. option is not present, then the selected service does not support this option.

You can also apply C.O.D. to orders through the bulk action menu or using automation rules.

Notes About Using C.O.D.

  • ShipStation currently only supports C.O.D. for FedEx, UPS, and Canada Post shipments.

  • Cash (physical currency) is not an available payment option for UPS's C.O.D.

  • C.O.D. is only available for domestic shipments. Shipments to an international recipient will not allow C.O.D.

  • FedEx's C.O.D. payment amount may not exceed $25,000.

  • UPS's C.O.D. payment amount may not exceed $50,000.

  • C.O.D. includes a surcharge that may greatly increase the shipping rate.