How do I learn how to use ShipStation?

If you'd like to learn how to use ShipStation, we offer many ways for you to do so!

ShipStation logo and text that says "Help Resources"
  • Use the ShipStation Online Help Center.

    This is a great option for answering specific questions or for those who prefer a reading-the-manual style approach.

    Our online help center includes articles about how to use all of ShipStation's features and integrations. It also includes many FAQs (like this one!), workflow guides that walk you step-by-step through several common workflows from start to finish, and troubleshooting articles in case you run into an issue.

  • Take a ShipStation University Online Course.

    Check out the series of training courses on our new online training center at We have self-paced courses designed to help you start creating labels as soon as possible and teach you the fundamentals. We also have courses on the more advanced features in ShipStation, like automation rules.

    These courses include video demonstrations and hands-on tasks. We're adding new courses all the time!

  • Join the ShipStation Community.

    Join the online community of ShipStation users to learn from other ShipStation users like you. Post your own questions, search the discussion and solution boards, attend community-exclusive events, and much more!