How long does ShipStation store labels?

ShipStation stores all labels created in our system for 180 days. During that time, you can reprint the label at no extra charge.

If you ever need documentation of a label you created through ShipStation (to file an insurance claim, for example), please open a support case with us and include the order and/or tracking numbers. Customer Support will then send you a copy of your transaction details.

Label Expiration for Carriers

We suggest creating your labels with the correct ship date or future date to avoid any issues with labels expiring. However, if you print a label but forget to send it, you can still ship your package in most cases. The carrier you are using determines the timeframe that your label is valid for use.

Here are some label expiration examples. We recommend contacting the carrier for further details.


  • FedEx shipping labels have varying expiration dates. Generally, labels sent via email remain printable for approximately two years. After you've printed the label, you typically have a two-week window to use it before it becomes invalid.