UPC and SKU Settings for Barcode Scanning

Depending on your item and warehouse configuration, you may want to scan SKU barcodes or UPC barcodes. In ShipStation, you can scan both SKU and UPC barcodes, but you must enable these options in the Workflow Settings screen in the Scan to Verify Items By section. You can find Workflow Settings by going to Settings > Shipping > Workflow Settings.

Scan to Verify Items By

This setting will determine what types of barcodes Scan to Verify will recognize for your products.

You can select UPC, Item SKU, and Fulfillment SKU.

Scan to Verify Items with options for UPC, Item SKU and Fulfillment SKU.

These options correspond with the product fields in ShipStation. For example, for Scan to Verify to recognize a UPC barcode, the UPC number must be saved in the product default's UPC field.

The Item SKU corresponds to the product's SKU field and the Fulfillment SKU corresponds to the Fulfillment SKU field in the Product Details in ShipStation.

Additionally, Fulfillment SKUs and UPC codes must also be added to product records if you wish to successfully scan those types of barcodes.

Add UPC to Product Records

If you scan UPC barcodes, you must add UPCs to your Product Details to scan your items successfully.

There are two ways to add a UPC to your products:

  • Add the UPC manually to the Product Details UPC field if you need to add or update just a few products.

    Product details general tab with UPC text box highlighted.

    Review the Update Products individually section of the Update Products article if you need instructions on how to do this.

  • Upload your UPCs via a product CSV import - the most efficient way to bulk update your products.

Add UPC to a CSV File

For a faster, more accurate way to add UPCs to your CSV file:

  • Place your cursor in the UPC field of your Product import CSV and scan the product barcode. The UPC will be automatically entered into the field.

    Product import CSV headings and fields. Red box highlights UPC field
  • Remember, each product SKU and UPC in ShipStation must be unique.


Configure Fulfillment SKUs on Products

If you scan SKU barcodes that represent your product's fulfillment SKU, you must add Fulfillment SKUs to your Product Details to verify products successfully.

There are two ways to accomplish this:

  • Under the Products tab, double click on a product to open the product details. Enter the FNSKU in the Fulfillment SKU field under the Shipping tab on the Product Details screen.

    Product details Shipping defaults with Fulfillment SKU highlighted.
  • Upload your Fulfillment SKUs via a product CSV import to bulk update your products. Enter the FulfillmentSKU in the FillSKU column in the CSV.