Advanced Store Parameters

Explains what advanced store parameters are and how to contact support to enable them for a store.

Some selling channels and marketplaces have special options available to them that are not present for other store connections.

Examples of advanced parameters include (but are not limited to):

  • Custom Field Mappings: Some selling channels may send us data that ShipStation doesn't have a default place for, like a payment method or a fraud risk assessment.

  • Importing closed orders: Some selling channels, like Shopify, will send order information for orders that are already shipped or archived so ShipStation and the selling channel contain the same data for reporting purposes.

When available, these Advanced Parameters will typically be found during the connection steps or within the Store Setting sub-tab when editing the store.

Enabling Advanced Parameters in ShipStation

While some Advanced Parameters can be enabled and disabled in your Store Settings screen, some can only be enabled by ShipStation Support.

Review the Available Features section of your specific selling channel or marketplace in our Integrations Help guide for details on what advanced parameters and other options are available for the connection.