Custom Statuses

How to define custom status mappings for a store and which selling channel integrations support custom statuses.

When importing order information from a selling channel or marketplace, ShipStation will use the order status sent from the store to determine the order status in ShipStation. All selling channels and marketplaces have a set of default statuses they use for orders and we've designed our integrations with those default statuses in mind.


Review the Integrations Help guide for details on each specific selling channel or marketplace, including the default status mapping ShipStation will use for orders.

Some selling channels allow you to create your own custom statuses. For ShipStation to use these custom statuses, they'll need to be mapped within the store's settings. The first section below discusses how to map your custom order statuses. The second section provides a list of selling channels and marketplaces that allow custom statuses.

Mapping Order Statuses