What is Branding?

Explains store branding opportunities, how to access Branding settings (w/video demo), and lists available Branding fields (w/video demo).

In ShipStation, Branding is the ability to extend your brand identity into the shipping experience for your customers.

ShipStation offers several branding opportunities:

Branding Setting


Branded Email Notifications

Categorise your shipment and delivery confirmation email templates in ShipStation to include your company logo, name, social media links, and more!

Branded Packing Slips

Add your logo and company details to your packing slips.

Branded Tracking Page

Instead of sending customers to the carrier's tracking page, ShipStation can direct your customers to a branded page that includes the tracking information, your company logo and color scheme, and links to your social media accounts.

Branded Returns Portal

The Branded Return Portal provides a branded experience for your customers when they need to return their orders.

Store Branding Settings

Each store connection in ShipStation has its own branding settings.

To access the branding settings for a store:

Available Branding fields

Each store contains the following branding settings:

Branding Setting


Company Name

Can appear on: Emails, packing slips, and branded customer pages.

You can also override the company name that appears as the return address on shipping labels.


Can appear on: Emails, packing slips, and branded customer pages.


Can appear on: Emails, packing slips, and branded customer pages.

All email addresses must be verified to appear on email templates, packing slips, and branded customer pages. If you wish to use your brand's email for shipment and delivery confirmation emails, you must verify and authenticate your email domain to be compliant with DMARC.

Store Logo

Can appear on: Emails, packing slips, branded customer pages, and shipping labels for certain shipping services.

We recommend a PNG or JPG image file no larger than 300 x 300 pixels with a non-transparent background.


Add your website URL to emails, packing slips, and branded customer pages.

Social Links

Add your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram links to branded customer pages and notification emails.

Branded Tracking Page

Set each store to have its own Branded Tracking Page settings.

This will override the Branding Defaults and use the store-specific settings instead. See the Branded Tracking Page article for more information.

Using Your Brand’s Email

ShipStation allows you to add your own email as the sender for notification emails so that they appear from your own address rather than from ShipStation.

Before you can do so, you must ensure that your email is verified and its domain authenticated by DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance). ShipStation provides a way for you to verify and authenticate your email domain.

To use a customized email to send emails from ShipStation, the following steps need to be completed:

  1. Add your email address to the store Branding settings.

  2. Verify access to the email address via the link sent to your email.

  3. Perform domain authentication. This process will ensure you have the necessary DNS settings to successfully pass DMARC checks.

    ShipStation Does Not Provide DNS Settings Support

    ShipStation does not have access to your DNS settings and does not provide support on how to configure those. Please refer to your IT team or third-party provider for help with this configuration. See our section Updating your DNS Record for more information.

Once the steps are completed, your emails will no longer use tracking@shipstation.com as the sender and your specified email will be used instead.

If an email is entered but not verified, the values in the email fields will only be used for your packing slips, email templates, and Branded Tracking and Returns pages.