Account Management Overview

Overview of account-related settings and how to access the account settings.

 ShipStation's account settings allow you to set and modify the following account features (click the link to view the article for each option):

  • Account user profile: Includes user name, email address, password, and email option for weekly digest .

  • Display Options: Determines the look and feel of the ShipStation interface.

  • Subscription settings: Change your subscription level, billing & credit card information, and number of users.

  • User Management: Add, edit, delete user profiles.

  • User Permissions and Restrictions: Set the level of permissions a user has, as well as any specific restrictions for a user account.

  • Workflow Settings: Determine ShipStation behavior around creating shipments and moving orders to the Shipped status. This setting is only available in the New Layout.

To access your account settings:

  1. The available options are My Profile, Display Options, Subscription, User Management, and API Settings.

    Alternately, you can use the popular shortcuts from the Settings homepage to go directly to the Users, Subscription, or Change Password screens.

    Settings homepage. Red box highlights Account options: Users, Subscription, & Change Password.