Mark Orders as Shipped

How to mark orders as shipped when not creating a label through ShipStation. Use Mark as Shipped for local pickup or dropshipped orders.

The Mark as Shipped option moves orders and shipments to the Shipped status without creating a label. This is ideal when you create labels outside of ShipStation or when you use a non-traditional method that does not require a label, like a local pick-up. 

Use the Marked as Shipped feature to do the following actions:

  • Move an order from Awaiting Shipment to Shipped status.

  • Notify the buyer and/or marketplace (or neither) with carrier and tracking information.

  • Deduct stock from your internal ShipStation inventory.

You can mark orders as shipped either individually or in bulk. ShipStation creates a fulfilment record which you can view in the Shipments > Fulfillments page.

You can now use an Advanced Hotkey to open the Mark as Shipped screen (M + S), and the Mark as Shipped Bulk (M + B).

Monthly Shipment Limit

Each shipment that is marked as Shipped will count toward your Subscription's monthly shipment limit , including shipments created by the Mark as Shipped option. To increase your shipment limit, go to Settings > Account > Subscription˙ and choose a higher subscription plan

Mark as Shipped from the Orders Grid

In the Orders tab, use the Mark as Shipped option to move the order to the Shipped status without creating a label. Mark as Shipped is available for orders in either the Awaiting Shipment or On Hold status. 

You can now use an Advanced Hotkey to open the Mark as Shipped screen: M +S

ShipStation will move the order to the Shipped status. If the selected item represented only one shipment within an order (as in the case of split shipments), the selected shipment will move to the Shipped status, but the order will remain in the Awaiting Shipment status until all shipments on the order have been shipped.

Mark Multiple Orders Shipped

If you need to mark multiple orders as shipped each day, there are two methods to use, depending on your needs. 

One method is to follow the instructions for marking a single order as shipped, but select multiple orders from the Order Grid to mark manually. 

The second method is to use the Mark as Shipped Bulk feature. If you receive a CSV from a fulfilment service or drop shipper, you can copy and paste the orders and their associated tracking numbers into ShipStation to mark all those orders as shipped.

You can now use an Advanced Hotkey to open the Mark as Shipped Bulk screen: M + B.

Notes About the Mark as Shipped Option

  • ShipStation will create a fulfilment record for any order Marked as Shipped. You can view orders marked as shipped in the Shipments > Fulfillments screen.

  • Fulfillments created using the Mark as Shipped option count against your monthly shipment limit.

  • ShipStation's new layout does not currently have the ability to mark orders as shipped via a CSV upload.

  • ShipStation does not receive tracking status updates for orders Marked as Shipped. To get an accurate tracking status for these orders, please check the tracking status directly with the carrier.

  • It is possible to unmark an order as shipped or restore the order to Awaiting Shipment. Click on Undo Marked as Shipped from the Other Actions menu.