Set Ship From & Return Address

Defines a Ship From location, explains how to add one (w/ video demo) in ShipStation, and includes notes about Ship From locations.

To set a Ship From and Return Address in ShipStation, you'll create a Ship From Location. The Ship From Location is a combination of your shipment origin address and return address. This information is required to get a rate from a carrier.

Ship From Locations are used for a variety of purposes beyond just getting rate quotes. For example, you can have multiple Ship From Locations for a single warehouse to differentiate between stores for branding purposes or to apply different return addresses. Ship From Locations also link to inventory sources that allow you to view third-party inventory or deduct stock from specific locations.

There is no limit on the number of Ship From Locations you can have in your account.

Add a Ship From Location

To add a Ship From Location: 

Notes about Ship From Locations

  • You can create multiple Ship From Locations if you have multiple origin or return addresses.

  • The Return Address is the address that will be printed on your label and the address used when creating any return labels for an order.

  • The first Ship From Location you create will automatically be the default Ship From Location. You can set any Ship From Location as the default by checking the This is my default Location checkbox in the Ship From Location pop-up screen.

  • Carriers may have specific requirements for Ship From and Return addresses.

    For example, UPS requires the Company field and DHL Express requires the Phone Number field to create a label successfully. We recommend always filling in these fields. UPS also does not support Address Line 2 for return addresses. Visit our integration help articles for details on specific carrier integration limitations.

  • The Ship From Location Country must match your ShipStation account's country of origin. If you ship from other countries, you must set up a ShipStation account based in each country. 

  • The Time Zone field is required, but is currently used only by the pickup options in the Shipments tab. It does not affect any other options or account settings.

  • The Inventory Source drop-down menu relates to viewing inventory in your Order Details. Review our Inventory articles for more information about this feature.


  • If you encounter the error message: "If provided, fullname must contain at least 2 alphabetic characters, followed by a space, followed by at least another 2 alphabetic characters. Exception with code 0x00650111; module 101, category 1, item 17", check the following:

    • The Ship From location contains a complete address.

    • The recipient on the order contains a first and last name or company name.

    • Remove any additional spaces that may be in the Ship From location or the name field of the Recipient on the order.

Ship From Location