Import Orders from a Store

How order importing works in ShipStation and how to set up auto-updates.

The most common way to get orders into ShipStation is an import from a connected online store. You can import orders and other details if you have connected stores ShipStation directly integrates with like Shopify and Amazon, or if you have a Custom Store made by developers. Review your selling channel's Additional Features and Notes in the Integrations Overview section.

The other ways to import orders are from a CSV file, create orders directly in ShipStation, or use the ShipStation API.

To learn about these other methods, click one of the links below to open its article:

  1. Import from a CSV file: Import orders from a spreadsheet you created or you received from a selling channel not connected to ShipStation.

  2. Create Manual Orders: Create orders directly in ShipStation one at a time as needed.

  3. Import using the ShipStation API: For custom-built ecommerce stores, push orders into ShipStation using our RESTful API. This advanced option requires custom development!

Create a Label Without an Order

You can also create labels in ShipStation using ShipStation's Rate Calculator. Review the Rate Calculator article for details on how to do this!

Import From a Connected Store

To import orders from a connected store, whether a direct integration or a custom store, do the following:

direct integrationcustom store

Set Store To Auto-Update

ShipStation provides the option to automatically import orders while you are away.

When enabled, ShipStation will periodically send an import request to the store and import your orders. The frequency of this auto-update is determined by how much time has passed since orders last imported into the store, along with a few other variables.

Store settings page with the option to periodically update stores while you are away outlined.

There is currently not a way to schedule an auto-update or change the frequency with which the update occurs. To ensure you always have the most recent orders, click the Import button Import icon, or Refresh-stores icon. Grey circular arrow symbol (clockwise), inside of a black square in your toolbar as needed.

direct integrationcustom store