Manage Your Subscription

The Payment & Subscription page allows you to manage several aspects of your ShipStation account. This article will help you make changes to your current ShipStation subscription plan and show you how to update your account payment details.

Please see our guides on the following options, which are also managed on the Payment & Subscription page:

You can make changes to your ShipStation subscription plan at any time. Please visit the ShipStation Pricing Page for details about each subscription plan level.

Change Your Subscription Plan

You can change your subscription plan in ShipStation at any time, which you may need to do if your shipment volume increases or varies by season. Additionally, a change in your plan level allows you to adjust the number of users for your account.

You can upgrade for the long term, or just for a month.

Upgrade Plan

Upgrade your plan at any time and those changes will apply immediately. Please note that the current month’s charges will be prorated based on the date of upgrade.

Downgrade Plan

Downgrade your plan at any time. Subscription periods are billed in advance, so the current 30-day cycle will continue to the end of the period when that plan level began. The plan downgrade will take effect for the next 30-day billing cycle.

For example, if you start at a Startup plan but temporarily upgrade to Scale for the season's rush, you can downgrade back to Startup any time before the next billing cycle.

For the remainder of the current 30-day billing cycle, the Scale plan services apply to your account. The Startup plan will apply again at the start of the new billing cycle.

To find the dates of your billing cycle, click the Past Invoices link at the top right of the page. From there, you can view your most recent invoice, which will list the dates of your billing cycle.

The past invoices link is shown on the payment & subscriptions page.