Search and Sort Shipments or Fulfillments

Includes details on how to search for and sort shipment records or fulfilment records in ShipStation.

The search and sort options available for shipment and fulfilment records work in the same way as they do for orders. Once shipments have been created, no matter the status, you can view and manage them directly in the Shipments tab. 

The left-hand sidebar displays the various shipment types and statuses they can take. To view all shipments or fulfilment records in a specific status, select that status from the sidebar and they will load in the grid. 

By default, ShipStation displays recent shipments with a shipDate in the last 14 days, and shipments in the In Transit, Delivered, and Delivery Exceptions status with a shipDate in the last 30 days. The date filter for each section in the Fulfillments tab defaults to show records for the last 8 days from the current date (for example, Sunday - Sunday).


As the fulfilment providers send us status updates, the fulfilment status moves to In Transit or Delivered.

Orders With Multiple Shipments

If an order has multiple shipments, each will have its own record in the Shipments grid.

Click into any of the Shipment or Fulfilment statuses to see the matching records. This table explains each status:




By default, shows the shipment records with Ship Dates within the last 14 days or fulfilment records with records created with the last 8 days, regardless of transit status.

Pending (Fulfillments Only)

Orders that are sent to fulfilment but not yet fulfilled will show as Pending.

In Transit

The order has been shipped and the carrier has accepted the package, but it has not yet been delivered. Hover over the Status icon for each record to view more status details.


The carrier has dropped off the shipment at the destination.

Delivery Exception

The shipment has failed to reach its final destination due to issues like rerouting back to the sender, an obstructed mailbox, the recipient refusing the package, or failed delivery attempts.

Cancelled (Fulfillments Only)

Fulfilment requests that have been cancelled, either by the merchant or the fulfilment provider.

Voided (Shipments Only)

View shipments with labels that have been voided.

Voiding a label will move the order from the Shipped status back to the Awaiting Shipment status in your Orders tab. The voided label will also appear in your Order Details Shipment Activity section with a strikethrough over the text.

Search Shipments and Fulfillments

Just like the Orders tab, the Shipments tab provides the option to do a Quicksearch or an Advanced search.

The Quicksearch will show results that start with your search query. It will search shipment and fulfilment records based on Recipient Name, Shipment Number, Order Number, or other criteria.

If you need to refine your search based on multiple criteria options - like Ship Date, Carrier, Delivery Status, or Tracking Number - use the Advanced Search feature. This will display results that contain your search query, instead of results that just start with your search query.

V3 Shipping tab. Red arrow points to Quicksearch field with text, grid shows search results

Click the record type to view those results.

Shipment sidebar search bar with the term SH and arrow pointed Shipments menu item and highlights around the order numbers starting with SH.

The Quicksearch field relies on a starts with search parameter, meaning the results of the search are items that start with the search value.  

For example, if you get an order from Ronald McDonald, ShipStation will separate that name into Ronald and McDonald. You'd be able to search for this order using Ronald McDonald, Ron, McDonald, etc. However, you wouldn't find this order by searching for Donald because the McDonald chunk starts with Mc, not Donald.

ShipStation will do the same thing for order numbers separated by dashes. The order number 121-657485676-89705 gets broken down into 121, 657485676, and 89705. You'd be able to find this order by typing in the whole order number, a chunk, or the beginning of any chunk.

Quicksearch vs. Advanced Search

You won't be able to Quicksearch for the last few digits of an order number. If you need to do a contains-style search, or refine your search even further, use the Advanced Search option instead.

Sort Shipments or Fulfilments

Use the column headers to sort shipments or fulfillments according to criteria like Order Date, Ship Date, Recipient Name, Service Type, or other shipment information.

Click the column header to sort your records by the information in that column. You can sort in either ascending or descending order.

Shows how to sort shipment records by clicking column headers, arrange columns with click & drag

You can add or remove columns to the Shipments grid so you can view only the details relevant to you. Please note, the Fulfilments page does not have the option to add or remove columns from the grid.