Track Shipments

How shipment tracking works in ShipStation. Includes video demo, checking and updating tracking statuses, and what carriers support auto-tracking.

Once you have created labels for your shipments and sent them on their way, you can continue to use ShipStation to track the shipments to their destination. ShipStation offers several tracking features to help you. 

  • Tracking links: These links, located in three locations on the ShipStation interface, link directly to the carrier's tracking page.

  • Tracking statuses: The icons next to the tracking links indicate if the shipment is in transit or has been delivered.

  • Auto-tracking: Some carriers automatically transmit tracking events back to ShipStation This feature allows you to use delayed shipment notifications and the Branded Tracking Page.

Review each section below for details.

Tracking Statuses for Marked as Shipped Orders

ShipStation does not receive tracking status updates for orders Marked as Shipped. To get an accurate tracking status for these orders, please check the tracking status directly with the carrier.

Track Shipments Demo Video

Watch this demo video to learn how you can track your shipments in ShipStation and with the Branded Tracking feature.


Tracking Link

If a shipment receives a tracking number, click on that tracking number anywhere it appears in ShipStation. You will be redirected to the carrier's tracking page, where you can view all tracking events provided by the carrier. 

Access the tracking number in the following places:

In the Orders grid Sidebar:

The Shipment grid that shows the tracking link marked in the sidebar.

In the Shipment widget of the Order Details screen:

Order details Shipment Details Card highlighting the tracking number.

In the Shipments grid:

Shipping grid with examples in Tracking # column highlighted.

In the Shipment Details screen:

V3 Shipment Details with Tracking Number highlighted.

Tracking Statuses

In the Shipments grid, ShipStation includes status icons next to the tracking number in the Tracking # column to provide a quick view of the shipment status.

V3 Shipment Grid Tracking # column with icons highlighted.



Tracking unknown icon. White question mark inside of a black circle.

Status Unknown

All tracking will show an unknown status until ShipStation receives the first tracking event update, usually on the first scan of the label or upon receipt of electronically submitted end of day forms.

Tracking In-transit icon. Black truck silhouette, facing right, with speed lines.

In Transit

A shipment is considered in transit as soon as the carrier receives the label data, which can happen on its first scan at the carrier's facility, or when the carrier receives the shipment data electronically. 

Tracking Delivered icon: White checkmark inside of a black circle


The status will update to delivered once ShipStation receives the delivery confirmation from the carrier. 

You can also select a status from the left-hand sidebar to view all shipments in the In Transit, Delivered, and Delivery Exception tracking statuses. 

Shipments navigation sidebar, Shipped tab tracking statuses outlined

ShipStation will request tracking updates from the carriers for all selected shipments (or all shipments not yet in Delivered status, if no shipments are selected) and update the statuses accordingly.

Update Shipment Tracking

Most carriers periodically send tracking status updates to ShipStation, which will cause the tracking status icons to update on their own. However, for services that do not include auto-tracking updates or to update the tracking statuses on demand, do the following:

Update Fulfilment Status

For shipments sent via a fulfilment provider, you can get an update of the tracking status from the Shipments tab. Usually, the status will update automatically but you can manually update the status in the Shipments > Fulfilments screen.

  1. Select the Fulfilment Shipment(s) you need to update.

  2. Click the Update Status button.