Configure Shipping

Explains how to configure shipping for a single order, multiple orders (called 'bulk updating'), and how to set a future ship date.

To configure shipping for an order, you will use the Configure Shipment Widget, which allows you to set the shipping service, package type, weight, dimensions, insurance, confirmation, and other options. 


Access the Configure Shipment Widget in either the Orders grid shipping sidebar, or in the Order Details screen (to open the Order Details, either click an order number or double-click the order in the grid). 

The subsequent sections in this article detail how to configure shipping for individual orders, for multiple orders at once (called bulk updating), and using Shipping Presets.

You can also configure shipping with various automated methods. Automation methods are covered in depth in the Automation section articles. For details on using different types of automation, please review the product defaults, service mapping, and automation rules articles. 

Configure Individual Orders

The below gif provides a quick demonstration:

Demo that sets shipment service, package, weight, and package dimensions in the Shipping Sidebar

The rate for the shipment will appear in the Create + Print Label button. The rate automatically updates as you configure your shipment.

Once you have configured all necessary options, you are ready to create and print your label.

Configure Shipment Widgetdimensional weight

Configure Multiple Orders

Bulk updating can be done in either the Orders grid Shipping Sidebar or by using the Bulk Update drop-down menu.

The Bulk Update menu offers more options than the bulk update in the sidebar. The menu includes the option to add notes, set a Ship By Date, assign a Shipping Account and change email and packing slip templates. 

Set a Future Ship Date

The feature to set a future ship date will allow you to create a label to ship at a later time. This ensures the shipment will report correctly and end up on the correct end of day form or manifest.

Configure Shipment Widget,Configure Shipment Widgetdimensional weight