What's New in ShipStation?


We want to keep you up to date as we release new features and improve ShipStation's functionality. This release information highlights what's new or changed in ShipStation recently.

Updated Functionality

The following enhancements have been released for existing ShipStation features:

Branded Tracking Release: DMARC Email Domain Authentication

ShipStation has added the ability to authenticate and protect your private email domain from unauthorized use if you have added one to your store's branding settings. Follow the instructions in Configure Sender Emails and Domain Authentication to ensure your email is verified and that emails get delivered to your recipients.

Merchants who were using public domains will be automatically migrated to send from ShipStation's default email, tracking@shipstation.com. It is already configured to pass DMARC checks. This change is following the Google & Yahoo policy updates which had a deadline of April 1st, 2024.

Prior-Month Releases

The following updates were released in March of 2024 or earlier.

Support Chat

Support Chat - When you log into your account from another device or a new browser, you can now view your past chat conversations with the chatbot and support.

Return Label generated with Outbound Shipment PDF

We have corrected an issue so that now when you include a return label with your outbound label, it will print with your outbound shipment’s label as expected. Previously, return labels were not appearing with the first PDF that generates with an outbound shipment. Merchants had to go back to reprint it.

Product Defaults, Service Mappings, and Automation Rules - Updated Order of Operations

We adjusted the order of operations to apply service mapping automation before product default automation. Please see our updated Automation Basics article that accurately reflects the current order of operation and state of Automation.

🇪🇺 🇳🇿 🇦🇺: Order Details Cost Summary has Tax Inclusive with Order Total

We have updated the Order Details Cost Summary to reflect regional differences in how taxes apply. Merchants in the European Union, Australia, and New Zealand will see that the Order Total will be Tax Inclusive since VAT is added at the time of purchase in those regions. US and Canadian merchants will not see any changes to the appearance in Order Details.

Order Details. Box highlights hover over message that reads, Total is tax inclusive.: