Product Bundles

A Product Bundle is a collection of individual products sold together under a single SKU. In ShipStation, this bundled product SKU will reference all the individual products in an order so that they can be processed and shipped together. You may already know this concept as Kits, Bundles, Sets, or Groups.

Requires Accelerate Plan or Higher

To use Product Bundles, you must be on a Accelerate Subscription plan or higher. Click here to update your plan to start using Product Bundles today!

For example, a Product Bundle in ShipStation called "Back to School Bundle" includes 3 component products: 12 pencils, a backpack, and a water bottle. When an order with the product "Back to School Bundle" imports into ShipStation, the order will also reference the component products that make up the bundle.

Diagram of a product bundle SKU wtih 3 component products

With Product Bundles, you can:

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Create a New Product Bundle

To create a new Product Bundle:

  1. Click New Product to create a new product or select an existing product to edit.

  2. Enable the This is a Bundled Product setting.

    The stand alone product screen is shown with the this is a bundled product option selected.

    If this setting is not present, you may not be on a qualified subscription plan (requires Accelerate or higher). Click here to update your plan so you can create Product Bundles.

  3. Scroll down and click the + Add Component button.


    Customize the Packing Slip

    Click the checkbox next to Show bundle on packing slip so only the Bundled Product displays on the packing slip. Deselect this option to display all the component products on the packing slip instead.

  4. Type in a SKU or Name to search your current products to add as a component. Enter the quantity of each product to include within the bundle.

  5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to add more component products to the bundle.

  6. Click Save when you are finished.

    Cannot Apply Change to Open Orders

    The Apply changes to open orders setting will not update orders to use the product bundle if they were imported before this change. The Product Bundle setting will only affect orders that import after you save your changes.

Import Product Bundles

If you have multiple bundles to import, you can use a CSV spreadsheet file to import those bundles into ShipStation. This file that you import is configured differently than the CSV for product imports. Its primary job is to link the component products to the bundle they belong in. It also needs to specify how many of each product are included in that bundle

Component Products Must Already Exist in ShipStation

The component products included on a Product Bundle CSV must already be added to ShipStation for the import to be successful. Learn how to import products.

Configure Product Bundle CSV

The Product Bundle CSV must contain the following columns:

  • ChildItemSKU: This is the SKU of the component product to add to the bundle

  • BundleSKU: This refers to the SKU for the entire bundle

  • BundleName: The name of the product bundle to be created

  • Quantity: The quantity of each component product

The image below shows an example CSV import. This example import will create two new bundles: Holiday Cheer Bundle and Halloween Trick-or-Treat Kit. The first bundle contains three items, each with a different quantity.

The second bundle contains two items with different quantities.

csv columns for product bundles

After this import completes, two new products will appear in your product grid – one for each bundle that was created.

Import Product Bundle CSV

To import a product bundle CSV:

  1. Click the Import button and select Import Product Bundles from the drop-down:

  2. Click Select File from the Product Bundles Import pop-up:

  3. Click Import once you select the file. A message will appear letting you know the import is in progress. You will be notified when the import is complete.


Product Bundles FAQ

We compiled a few common questions about Product Bundles to help you better use and understand the feature.

How do you display the declared value of Product Bundles for custom forms?

To display the declared value of the items in the shipment, you must have a Declared Value for the Component Product SKU, not the Bundled Product SKU. Find the Component Product SKU in the Product Details under the Customs tab.

How do you show Harmonization Codes for Product Bundles on Custom Forms?

Similar to the declared value, the customs form will use the Harmonization Code you input in the Component Product records under the Customs tab in Product Details.

If a component product is in a Bundle, can I still sell it as a stand-alone product?

Yes! Any component product is also a stand-alone product with its own SKU. When an order imports with the stand-alone product, it will process normally. When an order comes in with a bundle that includes the component product, it will appear in the order details as a component.

Can I add a Bundled Product to another Bundled Product?

No. All component products in a bundle should be stand-alone products. You will receive an error if you add a bundled product to another bundle.

Can I create Product Bundles in bulk?

Not yet. You cannot create or update bundled products using a CSV import at this time.

Can Scan to Verify be used to verify each component item in a bundled product when picking orders?

Yes! Each component item within a bundled product is displayed so that each item can be scanned and verified.

I have ShipStation configured to automatically split orders by the products on the order. Will ShipStation Auto-Split bundled products?

Yes! ShipStation's Auto-Split feature - if enabled on your account - will automatically split orders based upon the component items within bundled products.

What does Total Available Bundles indicate on the Inventory tab of a bundled product?

Total Available Bundles indicates how many bundles you can ship based on the available inventory for each component item and the quantity of each component item required to build the bundle. If any component product in a bundle has an available quantity of zero, the Total Available Bundles will show zero available.

For Example:

The Pizza Bundle includes 2 Pizza Stones and 2 Pizza Peels. There are 10 Pizza Stones and 10 Pizza Peels in available inventory. So, a total of 5 Pizza Bundles are available.

The inventory tab of the product details screen is shown. Total available bundles shows 5 available.

Notes about Product Bundles

  • Product Bundles will always display the component products on Pick Lists.

  • A bundled product's default settings apply when that bundle is the only item on an incoming order and the quantity of that bundle is 1. The settings applied will include the shipping service, package, dimensions, and confirmation fields. The weight of the bundle will be calculated based on the combined weight of all the individual items within the bundle.

  • The Apply changes to open orders setting in Product Details does not apply to Product Bundles. When you enable or disable the setting, ShipStation does not apply this change to your Awaiting Shipment orders. This allows you time to finish shipping existing orders using your current process and slowly introduce bundled products to new incoming orders.

  • The Reprocess Automation Rules button in Automation Rules does not apply automation to Product Bundles on existing orders in Awaiting Shipment. This allows you time to finish shipping existing orders using your current process and slowly introduce bundled products to new incoming orders.

  • When the Show bundle on Packing Slip checkbox in Product Details is checked, the packing slip will show the bundled product name. If unchecked, you will see the component products instead. The default is to show the bundled product on the packing slip, hiding any of the component products. The [Sku] field replacement must be included in the packing slip template.

  • You can disable the “This is a bundled product” toggle to return the product to its original non-bundled state at any time. Your component products will be saved if you wish to use them in the bundle again.

  • When you view an order with a bundled product, the Order Details will display the component products. You cannot change the quantity of the component products in the order.

    Order Items listing component items of a bundled product.