Reset Carrier Confirmation Types

ShipStation is updating how we map some carrier confirmation types to better conform with the carrier requirements. If you have set up presets or automation rules that set a shipment's confirmation type, you need to update these, so the confirmation type provides the expected outcome.

The following carriers are affected:

Review the table below to see how ShipStation maps your confirmation.

Confirmation Type

Will Map To


Authority to Leave

No Signature

None (Default)

No confirmation requested.

Service Confirmation

Adult Signature

No confirmation requested.

No Authority to Leave


Delivery confirmation is requested.

Safe Drop



A signature is required for the shipment to be delivered; this signature may be a neighbor, building manager, or the recipient can authorize the release of the package without being present.

Recorded Signed For

Direct Signature

A signature of someone at the address is required.

Shipments in Awaiting Shipment

Existing shipments in Awaiting Shipment that have the affected confirmation types set will need to be reset manually or by reprocessing automation rules after you have updated the rules.

Update Confirmation Types Manually

You can manually update your confirmation types in two ways: individually or in bulk.

Update individual orders: Open the Order Details to see the confirmation types available for the selected carrier in the Configure Shipment Widget.

Confirmation is marked in the order details.

Bulk update orders: Choose your orders in the Orders grid, select the Bulk Update drop-down, and then select Confirmation.

The carrier confirmation types will be listed under the Select a Confirmation Type drop-down. Click Update Selection.

Bulk Update confirmation modal

Review the Configure Shipping article to learn how to change shipping options for individual and multiple orders.

Update Confirmation Types in Presets

To update your confirmation types in your presets, select the Other Actions button in the Orders grid and choose Manage Presets.

Click Edit next to your preset and change the Shipping Options for Confirmation, then Save Changes. Read more on editing a preset.

The manage preset popup that shows the Confirmation dropdown is marked under Shipping Options.

Update Confirmation Types in Automation Rules

To change the confirmation type for a rule, go to the Automation Rules settings.

Click Edit from the Action menu Actions menu next to the rule in the Automation Rules settings window.

Change the Request Confirmation action in the drop-down to the new confirmation type, then click Save Rule. Learn more about creating and editing automation rules.

The request confirmation dropdown is marked.