2023 Postal Holiday Calendar

A list of 2023 holidays and which postage providers do not provide service on those days.

The table below shows all holidays for 2023 and which carriers do not provide services on those days (either pickup or delivery).

You can still create a label on any of these dates, and ShipStation will automatically push the Ship Date to the next possible shipping day. This ensures that your reporting and End of Day forms are accurate.

The following holidays are observed by all carriers supported by ShipStation.



New Year's Day

1 January


6 January

International Women's Day

8 March

Good Friday

7 April

Easter Sunday

9 April

Easter Monday

10 April

Labour Day

1 May

Ascension Day

18 May

Whit Sunday

28 May

Whit Monday

29 May

Corpuse Christi

8 June

Assumption Day

15 August

Day of German Unity

3 October

Reformation Day

31 October

All Saints' Day

1 November

Repentance Day

22 November

Christmas Day

25 December

2nd Day of Christmas

26 December

Accounts in Multiple Countries

If you have ShipStation accounts based in more than one country, this article exists in each country's help centre and contains the dates relevant to each country. Use the flag switcher at the top of the page to change between each country's help centre.